10 11, 2017

Data Lakes are the AI answer to Targeting

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Highlights from day two of AdAsia in Bali Thursday, with insight from Kaleidoko The promise of AI is well-known, but Dean Donaldson of Kaleidoko said there are still big issues with unleashing its potential. The biggest is the walled gardens in which our data online currently lives. “I am yet to see an ad [...]

9 11, 2017

In the Future, Chatbots Will Complement Customer Service

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In the Future, Chatbots Will Complement Customer Service The second day of AdAsia 2017 opened with a session "Majority Report: Future of Media 2030". Interestingly, this session brought the technology company Kaleidoko, explore more in the matter of artificial intelligence technology (AI, Artificial Intelligence) and the role of chatbot in helping humans in the [...]

8 11, 2017

AdAsia Interview: Gen Z and Big Data

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AdAsia Interview: Gen Z and Big Data Kaleidoko's Jonathan Tavss and Dean Donaldson discuss their presentation Majority Report 2030. Interview at AdAsia 2017.

19 01, 2017

A View to 2017 and Beyond

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Transforming Our World With the new year and the 50th anniversary of CES behind us, we have published our projections looking at the continual technological impact on everyday lives around the world. Broken down into three sections – Audience and Media, Technology and Innovation, and Industry Advancements – we have taken [...]

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