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    “It’s always well appreciated to get a macro perspective on forward thinking, so that the right fundamentals get laid down… Being cognizant of these changing trends will be critical as we continue to plan ahead and really, for the shift in engagement.”

    Kat Chung, Initiative LA

    “My whole team was impressed by your ability to see and communicate the big picture. Along with your confident strategic vision and technical understanding, this was a key factor in the success of many collaborations.”

    Michael Schwalm, PSM&W Media

    “Passionate and super knowledgeable experts in the digital space. Always thinking creatively and relentlessly pursuing best digital solutions for clients and partners. It has been a fantastic experience working with you.”

    Andy Chen, Isobar Global

    “Your strategic analysis has helped bring fresh insights into how we can position ourselves better in the global market place; leveraging advantage over our competitors, capturing the essence of all we have accomplished to date, and preparing us for new revenue and company growth.”

    Keith Johnson, Cogsdill

    “We have speakers come in all the time who are leaders in the industry and experts in their field. But rarely do we have the pleasure of listening to a true evangelist who combines compelling storytelling with a real vision of where we need to be headed to help our clients be successful. I can’t thank you enough!”

    Colleen Whitney, Digitas Chicago

    “I just wanted to reach out to you to thank you again for speaking at our meeting. The presentation was perfect! You blew everyone’s mind and overwhelmed them. It was exactly what we wanted to do.”

    Steve Muscato, Bridgestone Retail Operations

    “Your strategic and creative vision not only drove the development of compelling content with talent we might not have otherwise gotten under prevailing business models, but your forethought ended up generating more positive national coverage and awareness than our existing resources had to that point.”

    Dan Goman, Ownzones Media Network

    “There is probably no one else in the digital business who knows as much or is as passionate about the subject . I know if working with you on a project, innovative and reasonable decisions will be made, and things will work well when they need to, which is a rare thing…”

    Alec McCrindle, Yahoo! Europe

    “Our collaboration has been one of the highlights of my career – not only on a partnership level but on a mentorship level.”

    Sarah Mason, Cake Live Media

    “You were able to create a unique and sometimes unconventional strategy that was not only accepted by our board, but gave them the confidence that our money and time would be spent wisely.”

    Mitchell Feldman, RedPixie

    “The work you have done in helping position us is exceptional! We are experiencing a phenomenal growth in sales and repeat business – and continually being asked if we can deliver further afield. Just looking forwards to all the continued success now.”

    Bill Priddy, Furniture & Mirror

    “An outstanding and thought provoking presentation on the Internet of Things, helping people practically understand the impacts of Near Field Communication upon the media world. The highlight of our Samsung Developer Day!”

    Erin Ericson, Samsung Media Solutions Center Europe

    “Your vision & passion have been vital to our product & our ability to deliver to our customers.”

    Craig Russell, 20th Century Fox

    “Your expert knowledge of the constantly evolving digital Landscape, coupled with insightful, strategically-driven and team-based approach to business have added significant value.”

    Rob Hollocks, Duncan Studio

    “Your brand/marketing expertise, eCommerce understanding, visionary view of the future of the digital world has been inspirational. This combined with professional dedication, powerful communication skills and raw intelligence makes you an invaluable advisor for Green Man Gaming.”

    Paul Sulyok, Green Man Gaming

    “The Kaleidoko team provide a clear process of engagement in which they are able to provide a meaningful and strategic contribution to our business. The breadth of experience you share continues to prove to be of great assistance to WeSee.”

    David Fulton, WeSee AI

    “Digital visionaries who makes you instantly re-think strategy and approach with solid facts and information. At a recent presentation you invigorated my will to make further changes within the business at Activision. Truly inspirational!”

    Mark Cox, Activison

    “You are knowledgable, out-of-the-box thinkers and genuinely good guys. I whole-heartedly recommend!”

    Matthew Marcus, Viacom

    “All the comments we have received from the EU Ministers for Culture after the meeting are so positive and your participation was of the key importance being it successful.”

    Laimonas Ubavicius, EU Council