Highlights from day two of AdAsia in Bali Thursday, with insight from Kaleidoko

The promise of AI is well-known, but Dean Donaldson of Kaleidoko said there are still big issues with unleashing its potential.

The biggest is the walled gardens in which our data online currently lives.

“I am yet to see an ad on YouTube or Facebook that actually targets me with something I need, and not something I bought four weeks ago,” he said.

While we’re all relentlessly sent recommendations from the likes of Google, Amazon and Facebook, which are meant to be personalised, Donaldson says they are ineffective right now because our different online selves don’t interact.

“I’ll crowdsource on Facebook, then search on Google, and likely buy it on Amazon,” he said.

“To fully understand personalisation, you need the data from all three points, but they’re in these walled gardens. That’s the industry’s problem.”

The solution, potentially, is to create online “data lakes” in which all our data can be collated and aggregated to provide intelligent personalisation. “Something [like this] needs to happen for AI to actually be useful [for personalisation],” Donaldson said.

These could be created by existing brands or, more likely, new companies that protect the user by using a blockchain infrastructure, so that consumers are in control of their personal data.

As first appeared in Campaign Asia.

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