GWGH Presents: Future Fandom Immersion

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Geeks With Grey Hair Presents: Future Fandom Immersion

Over the past decade, themed entertainment has exploded far beyond thrill-ride naming and color schemes, ride-throughs or stage shows and into truly immersive experiences – where fans can place themselves directly into the action from almost anywhere. So far, we’ve been able to walk through Hogwarts, Diagon Alley and Pandora or move virtually through Arkham, Springfield and many other fantastic locales. But, with S.H.I.E.L.D. currently travelling North America, and distant outposts of the Star Wars Universe speeding toward future openings, what lies ahead for fans of comic book and film franchises in the quest to dive deeper into these worlds along with their friends and others? Hear from some of the largest franchises’ key gatekeepers as well as the experience designers who bring incredible multi-format experiences to life and gain insight into the future. Because, whether it was the time we put on that first Wonder Woman mask, the umpteenth time we flipped open our transcoder, the time we enthusiastically experienced cosplay, or when we explored a fictitious environment from a first-person perspective for the 100th time, we’re always looking for more!

Be sure to join us to gain insights on the state of immersion and learn a few secrets about what’s to come!


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