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AI. Blockchain. Humanity. Rinse. Repeat.

Technology is forcing us to re-consider our relationship to an ever increasing artificial offering. What adjustments should we be making? What changes can be expected? Will advances in AI and blockchain take us out of our humanity or re-connect us with a new framework for ethical decision-making? Join FRSAs Zoe Camper (Las Vegas) Jonathan Tavss (Los Angeles), Dean Donaldson (London) and Steve Ardire (Washington) in a virtual fireside roundtable discussion exploring the implications and considerations from varied lenses.

The RSA “21st Century Enlightenment”

These RSA Fellows will dig deep into the relationship between society and topics such as AI, Blockchain, Ethics, Workforce, Robotics and Systems, surfacing the larger issues and concerns we must all tackle together. Camper, Tavss and Donaldson will explore a number of questions, including:

  • To what extent are AI and blockchain transforming the course of human evolution?
  • Are we on the cusp of an explosive new evolutionary moment or is this something we’ve seen before?
  • How do we best prepare industry and government for the advances in AI and blockchain?
  • What impact do these technologies have on democracy, privacy, employability and industry?


  • Jonathan Tavss FRSA – Global Growth & Transformation – Product, Content, Positioning & Technology. With a profound ability for bringing vision and aligning connections that drive companies to reach their potential as definitively holistic brands – where all touch-points are aligned to drive heightened customer satisfaction and company growth – Jonathan Tavss is a global leader in marrying storytelling, business strategy, consumer insight and technology to ideate, manage and launch solutions that truly deliver.
  • Zoe Camper FRSA – Cognitive Computing Consultant at Slink.net Ltd. (Colliderscope). Zoe is a cognitive computing specialist with 20+ years’ experience of putting person-centred design at the heart of a disruptive approach to information and service management. Removing friction, and demonstrating value to customers is essential to any business in a fast-paced, disrupted world. Creating your organization’s ‘digital voice’ is essential to staying ahead of the game, ensuring you are the disruptor and not the disrupted.
  • Dean Donaldson FRSA – Strategy & Transformation Consultant. Co-Founder of Kaleidoko. FRSA. Transformation strategist. Consumer evangelist. Digital futurologist. A world-renowned visionary and initiator who is a recognised expert for navigating through the maze of emerging media; fusing creative technology with brand messaging.
  • Steve Ardire – AI Startup Advisor, frequent international speaker and Merchant of Light. Steve’s rich and deep experience working with numerous disruptive startups and keen ability to connect the right dots with sharp insights and fluid intelligence is a real asset to any startup particularly as emerging semantic technology and big data management take center stage.

Sponsored by Kaleidoko, The RSA and Slink.net

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