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Social Fandom for Geek Properties In 2017: San Diego ComicFest

2016 saw a surge in the marketing cliches of “fandom outreach” and “relationship building”, especially within entertainment industry. The exponentially fast rise of geek properties led to a rush by marketing agencies and entertainment in-house CMO’s to nab any and all influencers pertinent to their “geek” IP. As the dust has settled, though, what have been the successes? For the influencers, for the fans, and for the brands? What are the lessons learned and what does 2017 hold for geek fans? Last year at San Diego Comic Fest we discussed at length the power shift to fans in this new geek reality. Come listen to our industry experts discuss the Geek Fandom field/industry in 2017, from different points of experience. We will explore the State of the Union for geek fans, geek influencers and brands in 2017. Who are the power brokers, the surprises? What brands are making the best decisions for their fans? What platforms have exercised the best practices for both the brand and the influencer? And, most importantly, what power does the geek fan hold in 2017? Moderated by Jenny Stiven (Clio Consulting) and fellow industry experts. Jenny Stiven, Anina Bennett, Jonathan Tavss, Matt Dunford

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