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Jonathan Tavss, Moderator

Awakening The Beast: Reactivating Dormant Properties and Their Fan Bases

With so many films, TV Shows and streamed programs being launched based on comic and graphic novel properties, the engagement of those existing fandoms is core to a successful launch.  Sometimes, the fan bases need only be stoked and some require an essential building from the ground up. Explore what has tipped the scales or become an epic fail in the past – and gain exclusive insights into some future activations. In-the-trenches perspectives will be given by those responsible for re-engagement or fresh activation for titles like STAR TREK, STAR WARS, JESSICA JONES, LUKE CAGE, GAME OF THRONES, HARRY POTTER, THE HOBBIT, BATMAN, ALIEN/AVP, THE SIMPSONS, X-MEN, MARVEL’S DEFENDERS and more.

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