In the Future, Chatbots Will Complement Customer Service

The second day of AdAsia 2017 opened with a session “Majority Report: Future of Media 2030”. Interestingly, this session brought the technology company Kaleidoko, explore more in the matter of artificial intelligence technology (AI, Artificial Intelligence) and the role of chatbot in helping humans in the future.

Delivered by Dean Donaldson, Digital Futurologist Kaleidoko, chatbot is one of virtual assistant innovations in instant messaging with the basis of artificial intelligence. It holds a large share in interacting with humans.

The man who graduated from Bournemoth University said, chatbot for the last two years continues to grow. In Indonesia alone, there are many companies that use chatbot as business model, just look at and Bang Joni.

Referring to presentation data submitted by Gartner research institute, Donaldson revealed, for the next three years, chatbot will expand to many chat platforms. This means, more and more users will use chatbot as ‘assistant’ to help their daily life.

“Maybe now the role of chatbot is not great, but we start ( chatbot ) from the little one first.He can help arrange the schedule, whether it’s a flight, a holiday or a meeting.Ch Chatbot can also be a friend to chat.And approximately in 2020, just talk more to chatbot than his partner.Can be the couple’s position instead of chatbot replaced, “said Donaldson.

On the same occasion, Jonathan Tavvs as Product, Content, Positioning & Technology Kaleidoko also revealed the role of chatbot will not only be useful for everyday human, but also able to be implemented in the work industry.

Chatbot is one of the artificial intelligence development categories that will create massive disruptions across many businesses, connecting brands and consumers through the platform , arguably a digital customer service ,” Tavvs said.

Tavvs explains, potential chatbots – through natural language processing technology – to make the customer experience easier, faster and more satisfying.

“He has access to provide knowledge to customers and be able to respond smartly, but for that phase, chatbot pembesut have to develop a special ‘navigator’,” he explained.

So, what is the role of chatbot will replace human work in the future? Tavvs replied it could be. Chatbot may be able to reduce the land of work, but that does not mean productivity can decrease dramatically.

“We’re talking about automation, for example the factory industry needs chatbots , factory workers do not need to be trimmed, they can still work manuals because with the presence of chatbots , their workload can be reduced Chatbot may be able to schedule, remind or do things is bureaucratic, “Tavvs added.

Therefore, Tavvs considers companies to allocate employees to scale other priorities. With chatbots , the company can expand its customer service operation globally at low cost.

As first appeared in Liputan 6.

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