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The Brief

Cogsdill are a precision tool manufacturing company with factories in Warwickshire, UK and South Carolina, US. They have a long heritage of creating ‘tools of distinction’, dating back 100 years to their founder who created tooling solutions for Henry Ford’s original car manufacturing plant in Detroit, where Cogsdill were originally based. Over the years they have moved from automotive to aerospace and oil and gas, in fact any industrial sector their tools can be found ‘making holes smoother’, whether needles in syringes to huge industrial organisations like oil valves. Their tool ranges are therefore similar; smaller generic items that are held in stock to large bespoke ZX tooling interfaces, requiring cranes to manoeuvre. They had recently developed automated solutions to tackle manual intervention for their large ZX facing heads which they felt were more niche, were gaining traction in some new market sectors, and were looking at how to fully reposition themselves in the global market place – both strategically and digitally – in readiness for leveraging the expectations of Industry 4.0.

The Challenge

What became apparent in early discussions was the pride the staff had in working for this heritage company, but a disconnect from the final solution where their tools were used. In turn this translated to messaging of a fine past, but uncertain how to present an image today other then defending their position against competitor products. A full audit of their market position was conducted, which included breaking down their financials by product range and market, methods of aquisition via marketing, staff and distributors, interviews with key stakeholders, competitive and online analysis, etc. Findings revealed further disconnects and opportunities in all key areas and a strategy was developed that tackled firstly at defining clear product groups from this that could be delivered off the shelf, to those that lead the future of engineering automation. A rethink on brand positioning looking at end-consumer applications vs people-centric end-user scenarios, overlaid with a fresh look at distribution to manage global growth and unification of all marketing efforts under a single brand moniker, defining vision and values.

The Solution

The moniker ‘the finishing touch’ has been adopted which embraces the ethos of who and what the company is. This translates into precision products that are now dispatched immediately to ‘keep you moving’ in time sensitive industries, through to ‘defining the future of automaton’. Playing on the proud history of a B2B player who develop innovative tooling solutions for tough manufacturing problems, they now reveal the scope of their achievements and how their products are used in every aspects of our lives today. It’s a vision of technology growth through robotics and AI which engages machine manufacturers for Industry 4.0; positioning them as an exciting global leader and fresh messaging to their intended audiences – both in print and on-screen. This has translated through branding a Model-T for industry events showcasing their heritage to dynamic visualisation of automated installs. The rebrand has included advertorial, PR and video placement in industry press, corporate presentations and a new multilingual web interface (including videos and 3D renderings) all linked to key social media channels resulting in a dramatic increase in product enquiries.

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The End Result

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“Your strategic analysis and creative flair has helped bring fresh insights into how we can position ourselves better in the global market place; leveraging advantage over our competitors, capturing the essence of all we have accomplished to date, and preparing us for new revenue and company growth.”

Keith Johnson, Cogsdill