Through the prism of Brand OS, explore findings from some of the world’s largest entities – both Public and Private – and how they transformed society during the Digital Age. Deconstruct the amazing feats they delivered, the tremendous developments they obscured with boneheaded decisions, and the questionable ethical moves that ultimately squelched their opportunities for even greater growth and sustainability.


Presenting itself as the case study of all case studies, this far-reaching examination points to learnings about Business, Ethics, Leadership and more as we enter Industry 4.0. Delve into findings behind truly disruptive companies that hit the right market at the right time, but neglected to stay consistent to brand – creating the biggest challenges to their existence.

Over 4 hours, we’ll take a deep look at numerous companies including one that scorched the earth to entrench the gig economy on their way to a $70B+ valuation, and then saw it all start breaking apart in front of the public’s eyes like a juicy telenovela. We’ll consider the successes and misses in positioning, hiring techniques, work environment, partner relations, public relations, legal wrangling and leadership and explore where the ship could have been – and still can be – righted.


Our facilitation consists of:

  • Guidance through an engaging half-day sessions with ample opportunities for questions, challenges and considerations of current business governance, operations and ethics standards.
  • Experienced instructors conveying the cases and connecting past learnings to Brand OS and solutions for sustainable growth.
  • Provision of never-before published insights into companies and their ripple effects on all industry.
  • Illustration of successful, failed, diabolical and other decisions made by executives and teachings on how they could have been tweaked or revised to actually be productive for all their stakeholders.
  • Connection of value-benefit in organizational structures to output and positive outcomes.
  • Intensive sessions that welcome creative thinking and alternative perspectives.
  • Encouragement of participants at all career levels and life-stages.


What you can expect to gain from Digital Disruption:

  • Extensive examples leading to deeper understanding of multiple facets and challenges facing entities of all sizes.
  • Insights into how proper structure and decision-making processes can preventatively mitigate corporate damage while leading to exponential growth.
  • A different lens into considering operational developments in order to derive ancillary value and build revenue streams where there were none before.
  • Understanding the role of all constituents and their relationship to all decisions, executions and engagements – a core component of Brand OS.
  • A basis for consideration of operations, messaging and growth within your own company.
  • Tools, as a leader, for taking a step back and considering all influential elements on any outcome to best gauge future best steps.

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What others are saying

“Wow! You’ve completely opened my eyes. The connections you made between the examples illustrated and the relationship to all organizations really blew my mind. I thought we could have gone on even longer!”

William Reed, Chicago