Project Description

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Los Angeles Comic-Con 17 Stan Lee

The Brief

As the comic book convention with the industry’s foremost icon, Stan Lee, above the title, Los Angeles Comic Con has seen tremendous growth over just a few short years. Each year, the convention has received larger attendance and sponsorship, but it still needs to grow. And, with very little time before the 2017 edition, they realized that, due to ever-changing social platform advertising “rules”, the effectiveness of their in-house paid social resource was basically non-existent. That intrinsic change, plus the always-growing strain that occurs for all producers of conventions as lead time diminishes, led the leaders of Los Angeles Comic Con to contact Kaleidoko in the hopes of finding a quick-fix solution with a goal to drive thousands of ticket sales within the last twenty days leading up to the opening of the show.

The Challenge

Due to the less-than-optimal timing, a resource needed to be put in place to strategize, create and control the paid social media planning and execution. Interestingly, the budget was not big, but due to the short timing, budget alone was not the challenge. The way that the media had been set up prior and the lack of strategic planning required the Kaleidoko-led team to act upon strategic beliefs measured in the real world by real-time engagement data to quickly launch and constantly refine the media output and placement. All testing, sharpening and positioning would need to be done in an extremely truncated fashion. The clear strategy and data-checking structure plus deep, integrated relationships with the social platforms enabled greater creative executions, sharper reach and considerably cost-effective spends. Additional considerations were required to fold in the components of booked talent, community expansion and the general communication needs typically found before the opening of any convention.

The Solution

Working off of Kaleidoko’s existing work in fan community engagement, led by Jenny Stiven, the team immediately started research and testing then turned those findings into larger-scale planning with a quickness. Through the campaign, the Kaleidoko team provided additional insights and opportunities for LACC to introduce announcements and concepts that reached entirely new audiences in a short period of time – all while beating the precision drum of what LACC is all about – a true focus on the fans. The style of engagement allowed for flexibility and reaction while utilizing Kaleidoko’s processes and workflows that provided opportunities for LACC to streamline their own procedures. While the allotted time was not optimal for seeing strategy fully play out, and we were not able to fully attribute the reaching of our initially stated goals, the realized trends and findings proved as insightful foundations for all future conventions.

The Entire Brand Experience Dashboard


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The End Result

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LA Comic-Con 17 Cosmunity

“Beyond being able to jump in during a significant time of need, you were able to provide more than we could have ever hoped to do ourselves. The bonus value beyond the expansion of our community, was your guidance into how we can better structure internal processes to meet the growing needs of many internal and external resources – not just social media – and be better prepared and positioned for future conventions.”