Project Description

Pitch-free Presentation Training
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Presentation Speaker Training

The Brief

Criteo are able to use machine-learning to place the right product in front of shoppers. Brands are  grasping to try and understand this advertising technology and how it can benefit them? Yet, too often cutting-edge technical products are reduced to mere features and benefits when presented, or worse, over-saturated with lengthy descriptions and bullet points. With events and speaking opportunities galore, and a global sales team eager to showcase new innovations and generate buzz, there was a real need to own each and every stage. With a background in delivering thought-leadership keynotes around the world, Dean Donaldson was asked if he could assist.

The Challenge

When you work for the leading programmatic advertising technology company, seems that everyone in the media business wants to know how they can optimise their media spend – but how do you convey consumer trends and data in an exciting and compelling way? Part of the challenge is having too much to say and finding the key nuggets that resonate. A potential danger is to cram everything on screen in bullet-fashion and give an audience too much to digest at once. Maybe we blind them with science that feels remote, or too make too many assumptions and over-complicate the technology story. What was needed was to significantly downplay any assumed ‘pitch’ and to find simple, humanized connections that leave an audience with ‘now I get it – and need it!’

The Solution

Working with the marketing teams and leadership at Criteo, the approach would be two-fold: to train key personnel in how best to engage audiences; and, to refine stories and creative treatments of actual presentation decks. Each group training sessions was run over a day, with each person presenting something they were passionate about in 3 minutes. They were videoed and then constructively critiqued by the instructor and their peers. Each realised just how simple and alive their individual styles were when presenting personal interests, versus when they go into business mode – and learned to marry the two. On the creative side, combining simple visual statements with illustrated data and technologies laid the ground work. It was in building real-world, relatable stories that enable Criteo to connect with their clients.

The Entire Brand Experience Dashboard


Each client engages us for different components from within our Brand OS offering. This dashboard helps us gauge the services used and influence achieved.




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The End Result

“Having seen your approach to presenting first-hand, we were keen to learn from your experience. You helped bring some excitement and dynamism to our team and supported each of them in developing their own personal stories. You’ve really inspired them to own their stages!”

Cyndie Di Marco, Criteo