Project Description

A multi-modal workshop covering techniques and methodologies directed at the most important asset of any agile organization – People. While much attention is placed on Process and Products that define an organization’s offering, the reality is that life in the Digital Age has become far from ideal. Already more globally connected than ever before, Industry 4.0 seeks to push human boundaries even further. Utilizing ‘Digital Detox’ ideology, this workshop investigates how the component relationships of Brand OS can release new strategies to help leadership balance stressors and redefine what it means to be connected.


Supercharging your business must begin with yourself. With half of all staff now preferring to communicate digitally than in person, we find ourselves spending over half of our waking life now looking at a screen. Endlessly plugged in, digital multi-task masters are making it impossible to focus on one thing, resulting in the average employee spending two hours a day recovering from distractions. From inefficiency to burn-out, technology is proving to not always be the answer.

The programming is designed to focus on the many parts of balanced business and living – unlocking the capabilities inside of you. Beyond wellness and mindfulness, the ability for future leaders to create healthy relationships must begin with our devices. We all know at a basic level we need to eat and live more healthily – make more time for friends and family – but in our rapidly-evolving world we often ‘just don’t’. We don’t have time, we don’t have the inclination, we don’t have motivation or we don’t have the confidence. Rather than holding ourselves back, changing mindsets to value connections and sharing experiences will ultimately define our roles as leaders in Industry 4.0. Taking practical steps to get more out of yourself to reach full potential – instead of just hitting business goals – will lead to the achievement of your personal aspirations.

With an enhanced ability to step back and focus on self, we relate those learnings into active support for those around us and the instillation of abilities for stronger outcomes among the team. With technology and every interaction having a profound effect on the greater whole, we dive into the ideas and exercises that bring balance and redefine ‘super human’. The learnings in this course clear the brain fog that can overcome any person and/or organization in the quest to be our best ‘self.’


Our facilitation consists of:

  • Group participation that triggers positive self-evaluation, soft-skills and physical resets.
  • Learn techniques from varied guides – business leaders, connectors, dieticians and coaches.
  • Translate the science of the latest whole-health thinking into tools you can use on-the-go.
  • Investigate what reconnecting by disconnecting really means and how to embrace a Digital Detox.
  • Team exercises that trigger the ability to re-engage more effectively.
  • Dissect real examples of business and personal challenges that illustrate ways to harness stress to your advantage.
  • Get to the heart of the matter by sharing experiences and solutions in a safe environment.


What you can expect to gain from Performance Enhancement:

  • Challenge yourself to become better than you are through simple alterations to routines.
  • Pathways to heightened productivity – where you work smart and play more.
  • Processes for taking back control of your diary and prioritizing yourself.
  • Discover the importance of solar, wind and hydro power to recharge your batteries.
  • The ability to recognize warning signs and take the most appropriate course of action.
  • Awareness of your personal and team trigger points ahead of time so you can positively respond to them.
  • How to use tech advantageously to drive productive behavioral change.

“The implications of our choices today will have a major impact on our health tomorrow.”

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What others are saying

“I cannot believe now how much I always took for granted, but your session made me realize how much of a rut we were in. I immediately applied some of the takeaways to my personal life and am already seeing a positive change – so thank you!”

Kieran Thomas, London

“It’s easy to lose your energy and passion when starting a company, but this course helped me bring back the excitement and emotion I needed. I was able to implement what I learned in my personal life as well as for my business that allowed our users to connect with us on a deeper level.”

Jennifer Miller, Los Angeles