Project Description

Position yourself as a true leader and learn the art of storytelling in front of any crowd. In a world where human connection will be of even greater currency, those who push beyond self-promotion are the ones who will engage discourse and float to the top. Only by considering multiple perspectives and choosing the ones that best resonate, will you be able to move people.


Whether motivating staff, investors or your peers, a prime opportunity to develop your story and positioning within your industry is often overlooked or minimized – resulting in uninspired presentations that border on curing insomnia. What is your personal spin on knowledge and experience that leads to insights that attract audiences and collaborators like moths to a flame? After taking this course, you’ll present yourself in ways that will move others and establish the type of leader you are.

Knowing that the best leaders are comfortable being themselves, our programming has been developed to help you be just that  – in whatever form it takes. We help you draw out your best, true self through the formation of research and organic ideas and presentation, simple tools for better public speaking and a stronger understanding of how to change the delivery depending on audience in order to strike the best chord.

Having engaged audiences all across the globe, we’ve discovered one universal truth that we’re sure you agree with; too many people ‘pitch from the podium’. So, we will also show you how to let go of the lectern and become better at delivering ‘Pitch-Free’ concepts during our workshop that is broken into four key sessions.


Our facilitation consists of:

  • Guidance through Full Day sessions with a maximum of 8 participants, half day sessions (maximum 4) or individual private half-day sessions.
  • Experienced instructors conveying the steps and solutions to creating a powerful presence.
  • Interactive advisement for honing your best self.
  • Sharing of tips, tricks and tools for better content/direction development and presentation.
  • Video recorded and analyzed practice presentations.
  • Intensive sessions that demand creative thinking and alternative perspectives.
  • Encouragement of participants at all career levels and life-stages.


What you can expect to gain from Public Leadership:

  • Take advantage of any opportunity to present yourself in a position of leadership in the appropriate form reflecting you as an individual.
  • Insights into better content that completely removes the monotonous sense of “always selling.”
  • Ability to open thinking and draw connections for ideas that are both productive and stand out.
  • Understand what event planners and audiences are intrinsically looking for and how best to meet their needs.
  • A creative basis for the evolving messaging and growth of your personal narrative and brand.
  • Analytical tools for determining dynamic audiences and refining communication styles accordingly.


We know that leadership comes from every level of an organization or community – only needing some prodding and guidance to become a leader with a clearer presence. Our half and full day sessions provide just that boost.

Project: Prior Homework

As a way of discovering our attendees, each one will be required to do a little homework prior to attendance.

Brief: To prepare a 3-5 minute presentation on something you are passionate about. 

  • It must convey why you are interested – and why we should care?
  • Could be a hobby or interest or even a life event.
  • You are free to present it in any format possible, using any means digital or physical.

Session 1: The Motivation

What drives and excites you? We will work through an initial icebreaker ‘getting-to-know-each-other’ session, where you will be each asked to introduce the rest of us to something that you are interested in ‘outside of work’.

The session will be videoed and then reviewed together as a group of peers. Seeing yourself from an audience’s viewpoint has proven to be the most constructive way of enhancing your public presence.

Session 2: The Inspiration

Understanding the Art of Story Telling. We will look at a variety of styles and thoughts that help keep people intrigued and interested… and even wanting more.

  • Exploring objectives: Entertaining concepts versus feature sets.
  • Structure and simplicity: Is less really more? Crafting a story with multiple plots.
  • Types of content: Presenting information, research, case studies, implications and benefits.

Session 3: The Transition

How do you take ownership of industry factors and trends and humanize them? Switching between personal and business; balancing your own professional prowess with corporate communication, whilst keeping real to ourselves and our audience.

  • Blending personal and business: Communication styles; intrigue, inspiration, challenge, persuade, etc.
  • Lost in lists: Ensuring every point is worth of embellishment – and managing loose tangents.
  • Briefing creatives: If visual representation is required, what happens if you don’t have the skills yourself?

Session 4: The Illusion

How do we bring it to life? Calm, composed and confident! We will end the day exploring a toolbox of tips, tricks and techniques that will help you own your stage.

  • Tools of the trade: Simple techniques, such as breathing, movement, presence, etc.
  • Audience engagement: Content, pauses, humour, intonation, eye contact, etc.
  • Learn your lines: The most important point of all – the need to rehearse and pre-visualize properly.
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Public Leadership Training Course

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What others are saying

“Having seen your approach to presenting first-hand, we were keen to learn from your experience. You helped bring some excitement and dynamism to our team and supported each of them in developing their own personal stories. You’ve really inspired them to own their stages!”

Cindie Di Marco, Criteo