Our Releasing Innovation process is considered the ‘Anti-Brainstorm’ because of its specific structure and practice. It removes participants from the status-quo and gives permission to offer thoughts and ideas that are completely outside-the-box – perhaps, borderline insane. It relies on Synectics® methodology that taps into any organization staff’s own creative potential for success.


Releasing Innovation is an exceptionally dynamic creative problem solving process and wholly formulated for resolving obstacles the client is looking to overcome. We take responsibility for facilitating the Synectics-based program so that your team can take flight with ground-breaking solutions.

This program focuses on the client’s internal team and clears the way toward overcoming larger challenges that arise over the course of any business’ life cycle. The thoughtfully guided program promotes curiosity, experimentation and imaginative thinking. Leveraging human dynamics and collaborative problem solving, the session (or sessions) enable the participating brain-trust to gain a sense of ownership in the solutions while laying a blueprint for the growth of internal teamwork dynamics.

The program is designed specifically to help teams devise solutions that rise above their competition.


Our facilitation consists of:

  • Assisting in defining objective
  • Developing program parameters
  • Fostering a productive environment
  • Guiding creative problem solving
  • Instigating strong team dynamics
  • Training different thought processes
  • Extracting next steps, responsibility and timing


What you can expect to gain from Releasing Innovation:

  • Ability to see things differently as a team
  • Breaking out of the here-and-now restrictions
  • Making future possibilities a reality
  • A transferable model for obstacle removal
  • Creative solutions for future problem solving
  • Methods to secure overall group buy-in
  • Tools for gaining the competitive advantage
Releasing Innovation Synectics Sessions by Kaleidoko

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What others are saying

“From the analysis to the Synectics Session to devising and directing our breakthrough ALTAR Lounge and Pop-Up Shop, the guidance provided has already begun to pay off in terms of newfound reach, relevance and revenues. We couldn’t be more excited about the future that has been set in motion by this collaboration.”

András Lacfi, Altar Furniture