Project Description

This 2½ day intensive workshop covers the positioning of any venture for multiple audiences. Whether an entrepreneur or an executive, a creative or numbers person, creating simple content or designing killer gadgets, this workshop brings disparate professionals together for 20 hours of direct interactive training and numerous hours of collaborative team assignment execution to learn the keys to building a business’ presence to meet the many different functions, audiences and platforms.


The lifecycle of any business requires the profound need for a presence and positioning targeted toward multiple audiences – consumers, investors, strategic partners, workforce and more. This presence is conveyed through initial napkin descriptions of what a business is trying to achieve, funding decks, internal missives, mission statements, and numerous forms of marketing to reach the intended customer.

Further, whether you are an aspiring entrepreneur or a captain of industry, being able to properly convey what your venture is all about remains, possibly, the most important skill to have. While we are always mastering this skill, there are plenty of ways to amplify your abilities and that starts with the foundation of any pitch: the story.

Filled with just enough information to provide the entrepreneur or corporate manager with a solid understanding of marketing and its implications, this course is all about the ways to consider and leverage existing audiences, marketing methods and messaging early in the quest to initiate positive movement within organizations and, ultimately, unleash the perfect product unto the world.


Our facilitation consists of:

  • 10 Sessions over the course of 2.5 days consisting of Lectures, Discussions, Case Studies and more.
  • Expert instructors bringing real-world global insights and experience in media, manufacturing, packaged goods, community engagement, non-profit, programming, and business development.
  • Exhaustive educational program mixing training and networking.
  • Diverse multimedia forms of teaching.
  • Interactive sessions that demand creative thinking and alternative perspectives.
  • Encouragement of participants at all career levels and life-stages.


What you can expect to gain from Venture Storytelling:

  • Ability to formulate an overarching story to convey your venture in different ways for different audiences.
  • Greater capacity to gain the appropriate buy-in from varied constituents and customers.
  • Deeper understanding of the components and considerations for positioning across multiple platforms in many mediums.
  • Lifelong connections with a diverse group of people through a shared intense learning experience.
  • Evaluation tools for determining the best forms to deliver the strongest brand experience to the right audience.
  • Data interpretation skills for building better strategies and more meaningful analysis.


While formulated to work best within a complete structure, corporate clients may engage individual sessions based on needs.

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Upcoming Courses

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What others are saying

“The most real-life business class I ever had. It opens your mind to various perspectives while giving you the repartee needed to face business life’s toughness. 200% recommended!”
Nicolas Portnoy-Kischinevzky, Belgium

“Best thing about this course is that they expect lots of participation and ensure that you get a chance to do that. The sessions were never dull and made more exciting through their sharing of insights and experience. I’d never thought about changing my career track, but after taking this, I’m seriously started considering making a shift!”

Namya Sinha, India

“I believe ‘you buy with your eyes’ and your sessions provided many cases for me to see things from a new perspective and be able to turn that into more rigid plans. Not so many courses balance creative and planning well – but this course is one of them.”

Kari Wu, Taiwan