The Brief

A technology firm that had been providing visual deep learning capabilities had recently gone through an ownership and management change and was now looking to best leverage the global excitement surrounding Artificial Intelligence amongst investors and clients. To do so, they required a full analysis of the marketplace and guidance in positioning at all levels to draw the best investment return. With technical operations based in Russia and a small ownership/management team in the UK, they were also seeking help in connecting the dots from a product and offering perspective. Capitalizing upon their own technical advancements in digital image recognition, the client was seeking to move beyond static images and applying their knowledge to recognizing, analyzing and categorizing moving imagery – as a way of differentiating themselves against new competitors who were gaining market traction. An additional challenge they faced was in utilizing what had been developed over the course of years of ever-changing client requirements and the need to effectively productize the offering. Kaleidoko was engaged to execute the assessment, draw the market opportunities into focus and drive positioning.

The Challenge

Among the greatest challenges was the unpacking of the company’s accomplishments and setbacks within the past to best position the company for the future. As the entity had been around for a few years – even undergoing a brand change in the recent past –  it was imperative to evaluate what was successful, what should be thrown out, and what could be redressed to fit within the determined new direction. While there were some wins in the past, the assessment of value within the current climate had to be realized – whether from the client, industry or public perspective. Additionally, whatever determinations were made had to be quickly executed and locked to engage business and investment in parallel. The immediate reality was that a company on the cutting-edge of image recognition and deeply enmeshed in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning needed to better align its presence to reflect its next-level offerings. A key driver was advancements in Deep Learning-based Computer Vision and Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) that enables computers to recognise and process imagery the way humans do, resulting in forecasted projections of this becoming the largest growth area in the field of Artificial Intelligence over the next decade.

The Solution

Kaleidoko executed industry analysis and bubbled up the real market opportunities surrounding the growth of Social and Streaming Media Services, determined through the product evaluation and interviews with key stakeholders. During the process, it was determined that the existing brand “PixSee” and it’s identity did not best position the company as a forward-thinking company, as it was reflecting more on ‘pixel-based’ machine learning then the ‘human-like’ deep learning. Reflecting upon a desire to humanize the brand, Kaleidoko unearthed the benefits of shifting back to the previous company iteration of “WeSee” and sought to build out the brand identity, value offerings and all messaging. Offering resources to act as the eCMO (effective CMO), this moved on to creating a new website including all content, investor one-sheets and presentation decks focussed on specific sectors, engaged in product development and back-end demo interfaces and set in motion PR outreach to align the company for growth potential, creating the new industry sector “Viz:Tech”. To further meet the needs for drawing investors in, Kaleidoko led the orchestration among the ownerships other properties in order to produce an symposium in London focused on AI that attracted 100+ investors, triggering conversations that culminated in the initial seed round funding.

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The End Result

“The Kaleidoko team provide a clear process of engagement in which they are able to provide a meaningful and strategic contribution to our business. The breadth of experience you share continues to prove to be of great assistance to WeSee.”

David Fulton , WeSee AI