17 04, 2018

AI, Blockchain and Human DNA: The Future of Television

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Which new technologies, according to futurist Dean Donaldson, will shape the future - and what opportunities will this bring to the TV industry? Keynote speaker Dean Donaldson threw a glimpse into the future on Tuesday at the Goldbach Round Table on "SmartTV". In an interview with HORIZONT, ​​he explains how Second Screen can be [...]

8 04, 2018

The Future of Targeted Advertising

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Dean Donaldson and Jonathan Tavss of Kaleidoko said the future was undoubtedly targeted advertising. With the average individual leaving his or her digital footprint, marketers would be able to target in a very focused manner and achieve results quicker and cheaper. Technology to power advertising's futureThe most interesting picture of what the future held for [...]

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