5 06, 2020

Can Virtual Comic-Cons Replicate The Real Thing?

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Retrospective on Virtual Pop Expo - Interview with Jonathan Tavss In this episode, Alexa and I have a conversation with Johnathan Tavss. We dive deeper into the Virtual Pop Expo and delve into what went right, what went wrong and what the future holds for virtual conventions. LISTEN TO THE [...]

1 06, 2020

TradeshowGuy interviews Jonathan on the future of events

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TradeshowGuy interviews Jonathan on the future of events On this week's TradeshowGuy Monday Morning Coffee, a visit with Jonathan Tavss of Kaleidoko. In this day and age of covid-19 pandemic, tradeshows are not coming back for quite a while. Which means virtual events may come to the fore. Jonathan Tavss discusses a recent [...]

11 05, 2020

Can Virtual Comic-Cons Replicate The Real Thing?

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Can Virtual Comic-Cons Replicate The Real Thing? "Virtual Pop Expo" had all the components of a pop culture convention: cosplay contests, celebrity panels and a marketplace full of nerdy merchandise. As first appeared in Newsy

27 04, 2020

Virtual Pop Expo Interview!

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SoWizard interviews Jonathan on Virtual Pop Expo We got to sit down with Jonathan Tavss, co-founder of the upcoming Virtual Pop Expo. Virtual Pop Expo is the first all online convention of it's kind. Jonathan and his team are innovating great new ways to deliver as full a con experience as possible. [...]

1 03, 2017

Social Fandom – San Diego ComicFest

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Social Fandom for Geek Properties In 2017: San Diego ComicFest 2016 saw a surge in the marketing cliches of "fandom outreach" and "relationship building", especially within entertainment industry. The exponentially fast rise of geek properties led to a rush by marketing agencies and entertainment in-house CMO's to nab any and all influencers pertinent to their [...]

19 10, 2016

Stan Lee’s LA Comic Con 2016

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Jonathan Tavss, Moderator Awakening The Beast: Reactivating Dormant Properties and Their Fan Bases With so many films, TV Shows and streamed programs being launched based on comic and graphic novel properties, the engagement of those existing fandoms is core to a successful launch.  Sometimes, the fan bases need only be stoked and some require an essential [...]

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